My campaign will demonstrate integrity and respect. The philosophies of this campaign will focus on how to best serve the students, families, educators, employees, and administrators of this great district. If elected, my guiding principles will include: Integrity, Trust, Respect, Stewardship, and Excellence. My desires are to provide Washington Local with the necessary tools to be successful in a fiscally responsible manner that strengthens the district at her core. My mission is to be progressive and creative while strengthening the infrastructure of the education our children receive. 

It's time to be cutting edge and innovative and be a leader of new ideas in the State of Ohio.    


November 7, 2017




Mark R. K. Hughes Sr. is community, tradition, strong.  He loves his community, and cares strongly about Washington Local School’s focus on high educational standards and individual attention.  Mark understands WLS’s mission, vision, goals, and policies; its current successes, its challenges, and opportunities (which are infinite); and the educational environment in the community.  He understands the true depth of commitment required to effectively fulfill the school board role; founded upon dignity, service and excellence, and is prepared to be a positive shepherd for the district, speaking his beliefs with a unity of purpose in addressing vitally important matters.  
A father of three, Mark believes that if it is not good enough for his child, it is not good enough for any child. 

"I'm a strong advocate in the importance of education. Public education is faced with many challenges that include state funding, the U.S. Secretary of Education's position regarding public schools, the State of Ohio's ever changing metrics for standardized testing, and teachers' access to the necessary tools in the classroom for his/her student's success. I promise to bring integrity to the Washington Local School Board of Education. I will make it my mission to ensure every students has the opportunity to achieve success through innovation, technology, and strategic planning. I will reach out to our state representatives to lobby for WLS and public education. Let's work together to continue this amazing journey we call Panther Nation. This is my campaign pledge."      

2289 Ruthanne Dr.   Toledo, Ohio  43611




My passion is to serve the community that I have loved and cherished most of my life.  My desire is to give back to the district that has enriched my life by being a governing voice for Washington Local Schools.  Please join me in this goal.


Mark Hughes WLS Strong  |  Board of Education